O-Ring Weight Calculator

Two important aspects when sourcing o-rings are 1) the cost of o-rings and 2) the cost to ship o-rings. With shipping costs relying heavily on total package weight, YUELONG developed the O-Ring Weight Calculator. The O-Ring Weight Calculator determines the volume of the o-ring, which is then multiplied by the specific gravity (density) of the material to return the approximate weight. With this interactive tool, the total o-ring weights for any quantity of NBR, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, HNBR, AFLAS, and more can be calculated instantly. Start calculating below!

Cross Section (mm):
Inside Diameter (mm):
Piece Weight (kg):
Total Weight (kg)

How to Use the O-Ring Weight Calculator

select o-ring material
Input Cross Section and Inside Diameter in MM
Enter a value for Quantity
Click "Calculate" to see Piece Weight and Total Weight render in kg
Change quantities as needed,click "Calculate" to see Total Weight update instantly
*Note: This tool is to be used for reference only and will not yield precise unit weights. The most important factor for calculating o-ring weight is the density or specific gravity of the rubber compound. For simplicity purposes, we are using typical or average specific gravities for various material families.